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About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Rubén Naranjo Izquierdo and I am a Software Development Manager with a passion about people and who loves building high quality software solutions for challenging problems. I am currently leading the Kindle Web Reading charter at Amazon, building new and innovative reading experiences on the web and on the native PC application.



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What I do

Here are some of the things I do

People Manager

Talent development and attraction, team engagement, performance reviews, conflict management, monitoring of deliveries and quality.

Project Manager

Work closely with clients to find the best solution. Sizing and planning of solutions, resource coordination and risk analysis.

Department Manager

Provide a vision based on market trends and turn it into solid strategies with realistic budget. Management via others.

Java Developer

Wide experience of backend development in Java (J2EE), microservices (REST) and web services (XML, SOAP, BPEL4WS).

Web Developer

Knowledge of frontend web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular) and CMS integration.

Agile Methodologies

Experienced Scrum Master, Product Owner and Manager of Scrum teams. Used Kanban as well for maintenance teams.

Years of Experience
Direct Reports  (Over Time)
My Skills


People management


Project management















Web Services (XML, SOAP)


Micro Services (REST)


Spoken Languages






My Experience

Software Development Manager - Amazon Kindle 10/2021 – Present [Spain]

Software Development Manager of 3 different software development teams in Amazon Kindle, leading up to 2 SDMs and 25 engineers.

My charter owns the web reading experience at read.amazon.com (Kindle for Web - KfW), the sample reading experience in amazon.com (Look Inside The Book - LITB) and the native Kindle application for PC (K4PC).

As SDM of the charter, I supervise the performance of individual contributors and teams directly and through other SDMs, I work closely with the product team and with other engineering charters to align on the vision and deliverables, I optimise resources by aligning processes and technical stacks across teams and I deliver new features to delight our customers.

During my team in the team, we completely revamped the KfW experience (increasing by 20% the number of customers and 50% the number of pages read), redesigned the LITB experience to align with the rest of Kindle surfaces, and revamped the K4PC design and technical stack in order to re-use the web components of KfW.

Software Development Manager at Amazon Business 11/2019 – 10/2021 [Spain]

Software Development Manager of the Amazon Business' Customer Acquisition team in Madrid, in charge of the online registration for customers enrolling to Amazon Business.

I joined as the only member of the team in Madrid and I handled the recruitment and embarkment of 10 new SDEs, set up a team culture, defined best engineering practices, ensured operational excellence and handled the ownership transition of the Amazon Business Registration funnel from a team in Seattle to the new team in Madrid.

During my time in the team, we reviewed the entire registration funnel, revamped the entire frontend stack (from PHP to React), experimented with different approaches in order to reduce friction and launched new features to facilitate account verification. As a result, the successful funnel completion rate increased a 30%.

Unit Manager at Amadeus 10/2014 – 11/2019 [UK]

Unit Manager of 3 different software development teams in the digital e-Commerce department of Amadeus London.

During this time, I provided technical leadership in the technologies covered by the different teams: Angular and Aria Templates for web front-end; Java, REST services and web services for back-end and iOS for native development.

I have managed more than 25 people in teams ranging from 7 to 15 engineers with different roles: developers, product analysts, usability (UX) experts and quality engineers. I follow up the career development and performance of each individual, manage external communication, handle conflicts and make sure the team engagement and motivation is kept high.

I also manage Scrum teams, making sure the Scrum framework is respected, helping removing impediments, empowering the team and ensuring the deliveries are on time and with high quality.

Interim Senior Manager at Amadeus 07/2018 – 12/2018 [UK]

Interim Senior Manager of the London Digital department, composed of 30 people grouped in three teams.

As part of the role, I was leading the Self-Service Check-In (SSCI) tribe, so I was responsible for the deliveries, evolutions, maintenance and innovation of all SSCI products (kiosk, web, mobile and auto check-in). I supervised the various entities working on the SSCI tribe across sites (London, Nice, Sydney and Boston), ensuring there was an aligned vision, a smooth collaboration and a correct budget allocation.

Component Team Leader at Amadeus 01/2016 – 12/2017 [UK]

Leader of the eRetail UIs Component Team composed of more than 30 developers working in 3 different countries and for 4 different tribes.

The Amadeus eRetail UI solutions were used by more than 90 airlines and generated more than 15 million reservations which resulted in more than 40 million passengers boarded every year.

My role as component leader involved several responsibilities:

  • Define the long-term vision of the Amadeus standard e-Retail UIs.
  • Release relevant architectural updates and tools.
  • Define methodologies and processes to ensure good quality.
  • Ramp-up new developers and engage existing ones in common methodologies.
  • Ensure that appropriate communication flows between tribes.
  • Coordinate the production support (maintenance) of the eRetail UIs.

Product Owner at Amadeus 11/2013 – 09/2014 [UK]

Scrum Product Owner for the development of the purchase page of the new standard UI for the Amadeus e-Retail product (B2C solution for airlines).

The role involved multi-site collaboration as well the pilot implementation of the Scrum methodology within the Amadeus e-Commerce organisation.

Senior Software Engineer at Amadeus 12/2011 – 10/2013 [France]

Senior software engineer in Amadeus SAS collaborating in the management and coordination of the payment solutions for Southwest, Korean Airlines, Asiana and Japan Airlines projects.

As payment coordinator of the different projects, I handled tasks such as analysis and feasibility study of client requirements, customer workshops, design and sizing of technical solutions, dependency and risk analysis, resource management and coordination and collaboration with product and project managers.

Software Engineer at GFI/Amadeus 04/2007 – 11/2011 [France]

Software engineer in Amadeus SAS developing payment solutions for important airlines such as Lufthansa, Qantas, BMI, TAM or SAS.

These payment solutions included projects such as 3D Secure, instalments, payment with two credit cards, miles and cash, promotion codes, external payment, etc.

Involved in most of the phases of the project life cycle under the CMMI (level 2) process: requirement collection, project sizing, functional specifications, project development (J2EE), technical specifications, testing, maintenance and management tasks such as inter-team communication and synchronization or conflict resolution.

My Education

1999-2006. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Madrid (Spain).

Master Thesis: Reflexive and decentralized execution engine for Web Service orchestration with BPEL4WS.

2014. Scrum.org. London (United Kingdom).

2014. Scrum.org. London (United Kingdom).

2008. Sun. Sophia Antipolis (France).

Java™ 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0

Contact Me

If you are interested on my work or my experience and you want to discuss any interesting ideas, feel free to reach out to me on my social media. You can also send me a mail directly using the form below and I will reply as soon as I can.

The entire code of this site is publicly available in my GitHub account.